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This historical suburb is one of the most sought after spots to raise a family in the western suburbs.


Welcome to Wayne

Ritzy town full of creative impressions.
Spreading to three different counties, the vast range of Wayne was, and remains, a town built by design. Originally named Wayne Estates, after Revolutionary War general Anthony “Mad” Wayne, it was one of the nation’s first planned suburbs, putting it on the map as a residential and vacation spot. Created for efficiency and appeal, a lot of the original buildings still stand and operate today, including the Wayne Hotel, est. 1906.
This historical suburb is one of the most sought after spots to raise a family in the western suburbs.

What to Expect

Colonial homes with a welcoming downtown.
The highly desirable neighborhoods of Wayne have homes unlike any other area; they boast striking architecture and elegant design, a lot which stem from colonial and/or victorian influences, making them an exceptional place to live. Since Wayne is far enough out from the city, a lot of residents get to experience the warmth and quiet of the country while taking in picturesque views.

The Lifestyle

Laid-back appeal with elegant atmosphere.
The down-to-earth spirit of Wayne can be seen and felt throughout the town from the rustic, bohemian decor of Gryphon Cafe to nostalgic charm of the Anthony Wayne Theater. Around every corner, there is something to invite you in.

Unexpected Appeal

Every day is an experience.
Wayne hosts an abundance of seasonal events throughout the year. You can find the streets filled with vendors, art and music in the summer months, and perhaps a horse drawn carriage for an old-fashioned Christmas in the winter. No matter what the time of year, you can always find something to do.

The Market

Residential destination.
Perfectly positioned, Wayne is close to many golf courses, parks, libraries, schools, shopping, entertainment and more. When it comes to vacationing, the mountains and the Jersey Shore are just a couple hours away. Also important to note, the schools in the area have been recognized as some of the best in the country.

You'll Fall in Love With

Vibrant art and culture surrounding the town.
The affluent town of Wayne is sure to bring you limitless options in things to do, see and experience. No matter what your day entails, it’s sure to entice you from start to finish.

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